Do you deliver?

Yes. To all 5 boroughs ($5) Long Island ($7)

New Jersey ($7).

When will my order be delivered?

Available delivery day options are posted when placing an order.

Is there a drink minimum?

Yes. 4 drink minimum.

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit/debit cards, Zelle (roxannephelia@gmail.com),
Venmo (roxanne-bailey-2), and PayPal.

Are there deposits or do I have to pay in full?

In full, please! A lot of labor goes into making drinks!

Can I pick up my order?

Certainly. Within pickup hours. Your delivery fee

will be waived.

Are there any package deals?

Yes. Check packages page.

Any discounts for recycling bottles?

Yes. You can input a promo code for discount. More bottles, higher discount. recycle1 is code for 1 bottle. recycle2 for 2 bottles and so on. Max 4 bottles.

How long will the juices stay fresh?

Optimal time frame is 72 hours but can last for 5 days.

If I have a large order (8+) how far in advance should I place the order?

At least 1 week.

What if I have allergies?

Be mindful of what you are allergic to & the risks involved.

Are the fruits and vegetables organic?

Yes. Hand-picked by Roxanne, with love.

Are there different drink sizes?

 Yes. 16oz and 32oz.

Yes. 16oz and 32oz.

Use the “build your own” option.

Can I build my own drink?

Yes; up to 4 fruits/veggies/additions.

What if I want to modify a drink OR receive a refund?

Use the “build your own” option.

There are no refunds, (unless an item is out of season/stock) but I am able and willing to accommodate any changes.

What if I want to add extra(x fruit, x vegetable) to my drink?

There will be an ‘extra’ option (prices may be modified).