Meet Roxanne

Roxanne is an NYC attorney specializing in criminal defense. 
Her mother's side originates from Tortola, British Virgin Islands
while her father's side originates from St. Kitts, West Indies.

Roxanne lives a vegan lifestyle. Guided by her love and appreciation for animals, overall health, and making everything she can from scratch, Roxanne has devoted herself to a natural way of living; including juicing!


About Jam

Because a substantial amount of drinks on the market are heavily produced with corn syrups, coloring, “natural flavors,” juice concentrates (to extend shelf life) and various other miscellaneous items, Roxanne began making her own juices from scratch. The harmful miscellaneous additions to the drinks you see everyday on shelves lower the percentage of actual pure juice to 2-7%, and aid in the damage done to our bodies.

Jam by Roxanne drinks are simply made with pure juice from fruits and vegetables. No additions. No short cuts. No secrets. 


Roxanne creates each drink with a whole slow juicer using low-speed mastication, from her home base in Staten Island, New York. To achieve optimal results, low-speed masticating technology gently squeezes ingredients preserving all the beneficial nutrients. This protects and maintains healthy enzymes and prevents oxidation. She uses fresh, organic produce from local farmers markets and organic supermarkets. 


Jam by Roxanne was created to encourage our communities to consume real foods, protect and nurture our bodies, and make choices with conscious intention. The goal is to expand people’s palates and prove that consuming pure fruits and vegetables can be delightful and gratifying and not just a chore!